Our Focus

Our approach is built on a three-part focus: Community, Capacity, and Candor.


Our fundamental purpose is to build a community. We believe to develop capacity in people, we first need to hold great relationships with them. We host inspiring gatherings that give leaders the opportunity to make connections and share their superpowers with the larger community.


Our Capacity events provide first-class professional development training in areas like board service, fundraising, and executive operations. Capacity events give our community the opportunity to learn from trainings and to build a database of superpowers for the community to utilize.


MelanatED Leaders’ candor work includes mentoring, coaching, and consultancies to help leaders develop their superpowers.

Purpose of Candor Coaching

MelanatED Leaders is built to grow leaders who last. The Candor Work is a critical component of the model, which gives leaders the opportunity to hear and give the truth about their performance. For educators, Candor Coaching will directly impact our city’s children by sharpening the skills of Indianapolis school and community leadership.