What the Community is Saying

It allows me to meet and build with… independent, innovation, traditional, charter, or township. We all aim to serve our kids and through connecting so we can problem-solve more collectively.

Patty Mayonaise

“I felt supported and encouraged. I’m glad that we have a place where we can support each other. One of the members connected me to a school that needed my super power. I provide services there now. Thanks for giving me the platform.

Larry Brunson

Community! Strong community is integral to finding your people, feeling ‘at home’, and feeling like you have an extended family to collaborate with and hold you accountable in this work.

Doug Funny

MelanatED ensures I have a community I can depend on by providing a venue for leaders to freely share challenges and areas of concern. It is a supportive network for sharing resources.

Jan Doe

“MelanatED brings together a collection of voices who have a shared vision of providing quality educational experiences for students. The collaboration of leaders provides an opportunity for all of us to remain supported in our work.”

John Doe